Benefits of living in a house

Having a big villa is everyone’s dream. The house is larger than the apartment and therefore has large rooms, halls, courtyards and parking.

The large space allows residents to do a variety of activities and enjoy the presence of places such as a beautiful courtyard with a flower garden or large balconies with a cozy living area. .

One of the benefits of living in a home is that you can do everything you can in it, including changing the interior of the house without disturbing anyone, but it is not easy to implement the desired designs in the apartments.

For example, if you want to remove one of the walls and use partitioning, firstly, the noise of repairs and demolition of the wall will harden the neighbors, and secondly, any changes in the apartment should be based on certain standards and its impact on adjacent units. To take.

Today, due to the increase in population and high prices of villas, people are moving to apartments, but the intimacy and atmosphere of the house is not comparable to apartments.

In the villa houses you can easily go around and have a party, without disturbing the neighbors, had a large personal space for car parking without ignoring anyone’s rights and other things easily. He did it without anyone protesting.

In today’s modern world, the presence of apartments and skyscrapers have completely changed the appearance of cities and given them a new texture. Advances in technology and human desire for a comfortable and modern life have led some people to choose apartments for life and to refrain from buying them due to the responsibility of maintaining large houses.

The house is a completely personal place that, like the apartment, has its advantages and disadvantages and is a very suitable option for people who are interested in traditional life and find a good atmosphere of life in them.

In any case, the choice of house or apartment depends on the taste of individuals and is done according to their personal criteria. Do you like to meet your friends and family and enjoy attending your parties?

Home is the best place to do this. Having large dining rooms and a cozy backyard is ideal for friendly get-togethers, especially if you have enough for the comfort of your guest room guests.

People who live in big houses believe that these houses give the residents freedom of action. You are free to apply your personal ideas, you can easily implement the desired design at home and make it to your liking.

You may need a building permit to do this, but if you own the land, you can build your house any way you want. Your entire home will be built and designed according to your rules.

Prefabricated houses are basically equipped with a large garage or parking lot, and this is one of the advantages of these houses. Home is a very personal place and you can do whatever you want in it.

You can do any activity in your villa without disturbing the neighbors or the sound of music or holding night parties.

When you live in a villa, you have no worries about neighbors complaining and no one will interfere in your private life and what you do.

You may not be an emotional gardener, but you will certainly not refuse the offer of a beautiful yard, where you can have a cool drink and spend some relaxing moments. Maybe one day you will plant beautiful flowers in the garden with your own hands and enjoy their beauty.

If you live in the tropics, think about whether or not to buy a home. Homes are generally cooler than apartments, as proper insulation and shade from the trees prevent them from heating up, and some homes may not even need air conditioning.

The house has a larger space than the apartment and you can do the interior design according to your taste and change the decoration according to your needs. But one of the disadvantages of these houses is that they need more cleaning and care.

In addition, if the outdoor space is very large, you will have to pay a lot of money for water, electricity and gas bills, because maintaining these spaces requires time and money.

Luxurious houses

 In general, the interest in luxury goods is not necessarily related to luxury. Sometimes an element attracts the attribute of luxury due to its special originality. We have some tricks to make your home decoration luxurious, so if you are interested in luxury, join us.

The use of chandelier-like chandeliers can give a luxurious mood to your interior decoration space. But when buying them, also consider the height of the ceiling.

Combining golden color with any color, especially neutral colors, give a unique and luxurious effect to your interior spaces, this color can shine as one of the accessories or in your decoration.

Choosing the right carpet with an original design in combination with a special furniture can have a great impact on the luxury of your space.

Carved wood can make your space look different, you can use it as a table or chair or a mirror and console.

The use of natural stones can give a luxurious atmosphere to your space, especially the use of natural stones with special patterns in the bathroom or kitchen are very suitable for this purpose.

The use of sculptures in large dimensions give the atmosphere of palaces and luxurious mansions to your interior spaces, these sculptures can be placed in any space such as corridors, steps, etc.

Using wallpaper with a special design and texture can change your space to a luxurious state, choosing the right design and color will work well in this area.

Colors play an important role in creating a luxurious and heavy feeling in the space. Some colors such as purple, royal blue, gold, silver, black, reddish brown, etc. have a sense of luxury and originality.

The use of fur or fabrics with animal skin designs and colors such as snakes, tigers and leopards, etc. are always used by fashion designers and interior decorators to create a feeling of luxury while being elegant and beautiful.

Details of interior design decorations such as wooden doors, baseboards and wall hangings, artistic plastering, fireplace decorations or even cupboard handles, although they may seem less visible, have a huge impact on your perception of a space.

Features a convenient unit in the tower

Due to the increase in world population and lack of land, we are witnessing an increase in the number of apartments and tall towers. In the meantime, due to the increase in the amount of construction on the other hand and people’s attention to the quality of life, we see very luxurious facilities in these towers, which are among their positive points and this lifestyle. These facilities of the towers have made the residents with better conditions to endure the disadvantages of tower building and turn to it with great desire.

Features of a suitable unit

Given the increasing quality of life in today’s world and the importance of home in life, you should pay attention to the characteristics of residential units in towers and have the necessary information about them. One of the things that can be checked at the beginning is the name of the tower builder. Because some builders deliver a full-fledged building to buyers due to the quality of work and their brilliant track record. In addition to the peace and security that comes with buying, this also makes the price of such properties higher, which should be considered all these points when buying.

A residential unit suitable for living has various features and facilities, including the following:

Number of tower units

Due to the difference in the number of floors of the towers, you should keep in mind that the higher the number of units in these complexes, the more households live in the tower and the more traffic will be in the building. For this reason, these items should be considered at the time of selection. Because with the increase in the number of residents, the need for some facilities goes higher and people’s interactions also increase.

Freight elevator

In high-rise towers, due to the increase in floors, it is not possible to move furniture using stairs. Therefore, in such buildings, in addition to increasing the number of elevators for people, elevators with special conditions for transporting cargo and furniture must be considered. These elevators have a larger space and are able to carry a higher load weight.


Terrace is one of the essential facilities for living in high-rise towers because these towers do not have access to the courtyard and the roof of the building and must be dry to meet many needs of people such as access to open air to ventilate the house. Clothing and … Terrace to be defined for the units of these buildings.

The dimensions of the terraces are considered according to the existing laws and the area of ​​the house, and with the increase of the area, a larger terrace should be considered.

My lobby and lobby

The building lobby is a space that enters the building when it enters and then leads to the floors and residential units. The lobby of buildings is one of the things that we see in many high-rise towers and in some cases it is designed very luxuriously and shows the glory of that building. But another important thing about the lobby is the presence of my lobby 24 hours a day. My lobby or guard has a very colorful role in maintaining the security of the building and is one of the most important facilities in some towers for the peace of mind of residents and traffic control.

Jacuzzi sauna pool

The pool and other facilities along with it are one of the most heartwarming benefits that can be enumerated for luxury towers. These towers usually have space for swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, which is very important for the residents of these towers and has improved their quality of life. In the meantime, when choosing, you should pay attention to things such as the engine room, the condition of the pool water purifier and also the ventilation of the space, because in some cases we see very low quality in this part of the towers.


Penthouse, which is facing its own fans today, is one of the facilities that, in addition to being a luxury house, enjoys the open space along with the large area of ​​the apartment, and by achieving this important principle, it also has many fans. But the point is that penthouses are rarely seen in towers, but towers that have penthouses are certainly full of other facilities and have very ideal conditions for a prosperous life.

Other additional features regarding the facilities of the towers include the following:

The structure of the tower structure and its resistance to wind as well as earthquakes

Reading room


Proper landscaping

Reading room

Cooling and heating system

Brand of materials used

Existence of commercial units in the first floors of the tower

Living in residential complexes

The rising price of houses and apartments has made providing shelter for living one of the biggest concerns of people in society these days. A small number of people choose to live in small, large apartments or villas at great expense, but most of them, for various reasons, prefer to move to residential complexes instead of living in such expensive places.


One of the basic needs of every human being in life is “security”. This feeling, which is a sign of organized, law-abiding and stable society, is far less present in villas than in apartment complexes. Suppose a thief tries to take the refrigerator out of your house; This is very easy to do if it is a villa, but the presence of security guards, surveillance cameras, as well as the numerous floors and houses in the residential complex make such an action almost impossible.

Noise and crowds

Due to the dramatic growth of life in apartment complexes, we see a series of reminders in the form of a code written by the building manager and the rest of the people are morally obliged to follow them. These things are written to keep us and others calm, and if we follow them, we will create a calmer and less stressful atmosphere for ourselves and those around us.

Enjoy ultra-modern facilities

Swimming pools in residential complexes One of the capabilities of large complexes is that they typically have facilities that small apartments do not have; Some of these facilities are provided free of charge and others with some cost to the residents of the complex; These include:

Fire extinguishing system

Shooting waste

Cargo elevator next to the elevator


Swimming pool



Special green space


Central vacuum cleaner


Easy to clean

Since most apartments have less space than villas, you can easily clean your house with less time and instead you can use the rest of your time for study and other fun activities.

Reducing energy consumption

The apartment or residential complex consumes much less energy than the villas due to its smaller area. One of the important reasons is that residential complexes are equipped with air conditioning and heating and cooling systems, which reduces the cost of water, electricity and gas bills.

Cultural differences

One of the most problematic issues that may occur in residential complexes is the cultural differences of its residents. This is very obvious; Because in a residential complex live about 30 to 50 families, each with their own ideas and lifestyle. We have to admit that the more we respect the rules of the apartment, the higher our culture and originality; Therefore, before living in residential complexes, get enough information from your neighbors so that you can increase your adaptability.

Restrictions on keeping pets

In recent years, keeping pets in apartments has become more common and can not be denied. When it comes to apartment living, one of the most common issues is keeping pets, especially dogs, in the apartment. By law, no one has the right to keep a pet in common areas of a building or commons, including roofs, stairwells, corridors, courtyards and parking lots; However, you will not have a problem keeping pets in villas or most small apartments.

Limited space

Another issue with living in residential complexes is that there is no way one can add more space to the area, but there is no such restriction in villas. In residential complexes, the only thing you can do to make your home space look bigger is to change the layout of your home furnishings and your creativity in using small home spaces.

Now it is time to decide whether you can live in residential complexes or not, considering the advantages and disadvantages of living in residential complexes and also considering your interests and priorities ?! Remember that despite all the freedoms you will experience in villas, living in residential complexes is not without grace; Surely these benefits will only increase when all residents follow the rules of integration.