Features a convenient unit in the tower

Due to the increase in world population and lack of land, we are witnessing an increase in the number of apartments and tall towers. In the meantime, due to the increase in the amount of construction on the other hand and people’s attention to the quality of life, we see very luxurious facilities in these towers, which are among their positive points and this lifestyle. These facilities of the towers have made the residents with better conditions to endure the disadvantages of tower building and turn to it with great desire.

Features of a suitable unit

Given the increasing quality of life in today’s world and the importance of home in life, you should pay attention to the characteristics of residential units in towers and have the necessary information about them. One of the things that can be checked at the beginning is the name of the tower builder. Because some builders deliver a full-fledged building to buyers due to the quality of work and their brilliant track record. In addition to the peace and security that comes with buying, this also makes the price of such properties higher, which should be considered all these points when buying.

A residential unit suitable for living has various features and facilities, including the following:

Number of tower units

Due to the difference in the number of floors of the towers, you should keep in mind that the higher the number of units in these complexes, the more households live in the tower and the more traffic will be in the building. For this reason, these items should be considered at the time of selection. Because with the increase in the number of residents, the need for some facilities goes higher and people’s interactions also increase.

Freight elevator

In high-rise towers, due to the increase in floors, it is not possible to move furniture using stairs. Therefore, in such buildings, in addition to increasing the number of elevators for people, elevators with special conditions for transporting cargo and furniture must be considered. These elevators have a larger space and are able to carry a higher load weight.


Terrace is one of the essential facilities for living in high-rise towers because these towers do not have access to the courtyard and the roof of the building and must be dry to meet many needs of people such as access to open air to ventilate the house. Clothing and … Terrace to be defined for the units of these buildings.

The dimensions of the terraces are considered according to the existing laws and the area of ​​the house, and with the increase of the area, a larger terrace should be considered.

My lobby and lobby

The building lobby is a space that enters the building when it enters and then leads to the floors and residential units. The lobby of buildings is one of the things that we see in many high-rise towers and in some cases it is designed very luxuriously and shows the glory of that building. But another important thing about the lobby is the presence of my lobby 24 hours a day. My lobby or guard has a very colorful role in maintaining the security of the building and is one of the most important facilities in some towers for the peace of mind of residents and traffic control.

Jacuzzi sauna pool

The pool and other facilities along with it are one of the most heartwarming benefits that can be enumerated for luxury towers. These towers usually have space for swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, which is very important for the residents of these towers and has improved their quality of life. In the meantime, when choosing, you should pay attention to things such as the engine room, the condition of the pool water purifier and also the ventilation of the space, because in some cases we see very low quality in this part of the towers.


Penthouse, which is facing its own fans today, is one of the facilities that, in addition to being a luxury house, enjoys the open space along with the large area of ​​the apartment, and by achieving this important principle, it also has many fans. But the point is that penthouses are rarely seen in towers, but towers that have penthouses are certainly full of other facilities and have very ideal conditions for a prosperous life.

Other additional features regarding the facilities of the towers include the following:

The structure of the tower structure and its resistance to wind as well as earthquakes

Reading room


Proper landscaping

Reading room

Cooling and heating system

Brand of materials used

Existence of commercial units in the first floors of the tower

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