Luxurious houses

 In general, the interest in luxury goods is not necessarily related to luxury. Sometimes an element attracts the attribute of luxury due to its special originality. We have some tricks to make your home decoration luxurious, so if you are interested in luxury, join us.

The use of chandelier-like chandeliers can give a luxurious mood to your interior decoration space. But when buying them, also consider the height of the ceiling.

Combining golden color with any color, especially neutral colors, give a unique and luxurious effect to your interior spaces, this color can shine as one of the accessories or in your decoration.

Choosing the right carpet with an original design in combination with a special furniture can have a great impact on the luxury of your space.

Carved wood can make your space look different, you can use it as a table or chair or a mirror and console.

The use of natural stones can give a luxurious atmosphere to your space, especially the use of natural stones with special patterns in the bathroom or kitchen are very suitable for this purpose.

The use of sculptures in large dimensions give the atmosphere of palaces and luxurious mansions to your interior spaces, these sculptures can be placed in any space such as corridors, steps, etc.

Using wallpaper with a special design and texture can change your space to a luxurious state, choosing the right design and color will work well in this area.

Colors play an important role in creating a luxurious and heavy feeling in the space. Some colors such as purple, royal blue, gold, silver, black, reddish brown, etc. have a sense of luxury and originality.

The use of fur or fabrics with animal skin designs and colors such as snakes, tigers and leopards, etc. are always used by fashion designers and interior decorators to create a feeling of luxury while being elegant and beautiful.

Details of interior design decorations such as wooden doors, baseboards and wall hangings, artistic plastering, fireplace decorations or even cupboard handles, although they may seem less visible, have a huge impact on your perception of a space.

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